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Autumoon Code Library is a client software which is used to collect and manage source code snippets.

As a developer, we know we are always search and reuse useful source code written by other developers. In the old way, we search code via Google or Live Search, and we get it, but the big problem is how to keep it. Sometimes we copy and paste the code snippet to notepad and save into a new Text file, and sometimes we even save the whole web page. Day after day, we have to face to so many Text or Html file, they are like garbage data but we often can not make decision to delete them.

Autumoon Code Library can solve this problem perfectly, run this software, you can copy and paste useful source code from other places into it, and fill some necessary information, and then, just click the Save button, all information is saved in your database by its category, it's very convenient to keep and manage them.

There're two editions of Code Library, the Standard Edition is for personal developers and coding fans; and the Team Edition is for small and medium development team. We do hope it can bring much more convenience and efficiency to your work.


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